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רכז/ת נושא בכיר/ה - מעורבות בעלי עניין במדעי האקלים ב - IIASA, אוסטריה| Senior Theme Coordinator - Stakeholder Engagement in Climate Science



רכז/ת נושא בכיר/ה - מעורבות בעלי עניין במדעי האקלים ב - IIASA, אוסטריה| Senior Theme Coordinator - Stakeholder Engagement in Climate Science

מועד אחרון להגשת מועמדות: 4 ביולי 2024

קבוצת המחקר Integrated Climate Impacts (ICI) במסגרת תוכנית האנרגיה, האקלים והסביבה (ECE) ב-IIASA מגייסת חוקר/ת בכיר/ה עם מומחיות נרחבת במעורבות מדעית של בעלי עניין בתחום מדעי האקלים, לשמש כמתאם/ת נושא במעורבות בעלי עניין במדעי אקלים.


לפרטים מלאים, אנא לחצו כאן לצפייה בעמוד המשרה באתר IIASA >

Senior Theme Coordinator - Stakeholder Engagement in Climate Science | at IIASA


Open Positions

Senior Theme Coordinator - Stakeholder Engagement in Climate Science | at IIASA

Deadline: 4 July 2024

Senior Theme Coordinator - Stakeholder Engagement in Climate Science

The Integrated Climate Impacts (ICI) Research Group within the Energy, Climate, and Environment (ECE) Program at IIASA is recruiting a Senior Research Scholar with extensive expertise in scientific stakeholder engagement in the field of climate science as a Theme Coordinator in Stakeholder engagement.


The ECE program at IIASA is one of the world’s leading global Integrated Assessment Modeling (IAM) teams, and seeks to advance its strategic stakeholder engagement, especially with governments from the Global South, as well as with businesses and civil society. The focus will be on the co-development of transformation scenarios and climate services tools. The successful candidate will collaborate with a team of international scientists.

Focal areas

The ECE is focused on advancing climate research through active engagement with stakeholders and the co-development of innovative tools. Applicants will be considered who can strongly contribute to one or more of the following focal areas:

1. Stakeholder engagement including with countries from the Global South: Foster strong relationships with stakeholders in the Global South, including policymakers, local communities, and regional organizations. Ensure their perspectives and needs are incorporated into the research agenda. Develop strategies to enhance knowledge sharing and capacity building and to support climate adaptation and mitigation efforts in these regions.

2. Outreach to new stakeholder groups from civil society and business: Expand the ICI group's reach by engaging with new stakeholder groups in civil society and the business sector. This includes developing and implementing innovative outreach strategies to foster collaboration, gather insights, and translate scientific findings into actionable strategies for diverse sectors.

3. Development and maintenance of stakeholder networks: Expand and maintaining existing stakeholder networks of the ECE program and beyond including through dedicated initiatives.

4. Co-development processes for scenarios and climate services tools: Lead co-development processes that involve stakeholders in the design and implementation of climate scenarios and tools. Collaborate with researchers and stakeholders to ensure the tools meet the practical needs of end users, enabling them to make informed decisions based on robust scientific evidence.

Main tasks and responsibilities

  • Provide senior leadership in engaging stakeholders, particularly in the Global South, to understand their climate challenges and ensure these perspectives shape research agendas and outputs.

  • Design and implement innovative strategies to expand outreach to new stakeholders, especially those in civil society and business sectors, to enhance collaboration and knowledge exchange.

  • Lead and facilitate co-development processes for climate scenarios and services tools, ensuring they meet stakeholder needs through active collaboration with researchers and end users.

  • Develop and implement strategies that enhance stakeholder engagement and integration of scientific insights into actionable policies and practices, with a focus on real-world impacts.

  • Take a leading role in significant climate research initiatives, fostering collaboration across institutions and disciplines to amplify impact and innovation in the field of climate science.

  • Develop and maintain diverse stakeholder networks to create long-term relationships.

  • Actively contribute to scientific discourse through publications in peer-reviewed journals and engagement in dissemination activities such as conferences, workshops, and policy forums.

  • Contribute to ongoing and future projects, ensuring timely delivery of outputs, reports, and communication with stakeholders while actively participating in capacity-building activities.

  • Active contribution to scientific funding application writing to include a strong stakeholder engagement component to increase the impact of the scientific work.

For full details on the position, please click here to view the job opening page on the IIASA website >

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