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Archimedes Center

About the Center

Human society has developed in such a way that we depend on complex and dynamic systems for managing daily life (energy, transportation, agriculture, education, etc.). Considering current and expected climate change, these systems must be continuously and dynamically tested and adapted so that they can supply a proper response to the expected future challenges (shortage of critical materials, need for immediate carbon reduction, adaptation, etc.). To this end, a new national center for the analysis of applied systems was set up at Tel Aviv University, supported at the establishment stage by the Ministry of Innovation, Science, and technology.


Archimedes is a knowledge center that advances the field of applied systems analysis in Israel

The center’s emphasis is on complex systems and their optimization using Integrated Assessment Models (IAM), multi-agent models, and more. The Center strives to encourage the implementation of policy solutions to reduce human footprint, improve the resilience of natural and human systems, and aid in achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Sustainable Development Goals.

The core of the Center's activity is the research of complex and dynamic systems that make up our everyday life. The models are constantly updated and improved to reflect the latest technological, economic, social, and environmental developments. Governments, research institutions, and private companies worldwide use these models in making political, economic, social, and investment decisions related to sustainability and the environment.



The Center has a strategic partnership with the International IIASA (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) which is respected among governments and international organizations, including the United Nations and the European Union. This partnership includes joint research, jobs, and opportunities at IIASA for Israeli researchers, events, and conferences, and of course, access to models and processes led by the Institute around the world. Among other things, the Archimedes Center's goal is to advance the field of applied systems analysis in Israel, to keep Israel's relationship with IIASA in an efficient and meaningful manner, and to work to strengthen the research and applied relationship with IIASA.

The main tasks of the center

To grow an academic and professional community in Israel to promote the use of applied systems analysis in decision-making in the field of sustainability, we will work in three main arenas:

Implementation through collaborations

Implementation of the models of IIASA and models to be developed by the Center in government ministries, local government, and the Private sector for the purpose of supporting decision-making at various levels for medium and long term – with an emphasis on those engaged in systems management in various fields.

Implementation training and support

Building an infrastructure of knowledge and skills for the field of applied systems analysis in the areas of sustainability in which the Center will engage in. We aim to growth the "base" generation that will know how to work with the methodologies of applied systems analysis and IIASA models and distribute its tools. As part of this stage, we will offer specialized training by IIASA’s experts and local researchers who will specialize in the models in the different topics over the years. In addition, the center's staff will provide content and technical support.

Collaborative Academic Research

Building an academic community that will work to adapt and develop models relevant to the Israeli reality. The Center offers research fellowships, initialization and expanding of research groups, conferences and more to create collaborations with relevant groups in Europe and member countries of IIASA, including the raising of research grants. 
The researchers in the Center will come from all academic research bodies in Israel – universities, colleges, and public research institutes.

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