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Research Groups

Energy and Climate 

Led by Prof. Asher Tishler 

The demand for energy is expected to rise significantly with population growth on the one hand and the intensification of the energy-intensive digital revolution on the other. At the same time, there is tremendous technological development in renewable energy. In this area, we look to answer questions such as: How do we manage the future energy market; what is the future demand for energy; how do you meet future demand; how do you minimize the costs and environmental impacts of energy use over time.

Resource Management

Led by Prof. Vered Blass

The climate crisis and global population growth pose challenges for countries in managing resources critical to a thriving economy. Countries need to find the resources that are most important to them and develop strategies for managing them. To this end, the Center will promote research, development and collaborations to find new ways to use resources wisely and appropriately and reduce their excessive consumption, especially in the Israeli economy.


Water and Technological Innovation

Led by Prof. Hadas Mamane

As the world's population grows, so does the demand for water, creating a shortage of clean water and making it difficult to manage water resources and systems. In addition, climate change is causing a change in precipitation patterns that can lead to increased drought in some areas and significant flooding in others. These changes can make water supply management more difficult and reduce access to clean water. We will research and learn about innovative technologies for improving water quality, water treatment, and treating municipal and industrial wastewater. We will also try to predict relevant changes in water resources and their availability.


Demography and Resilience

Led by Prof. Isaac Sasson

Changes in population composition, migration and refugees are key issues in many countries. These issues will be affected in the future also from climate change and the availability of resources. In addition, there is a direct connection between demographics, environment, and society and resilience. In this field, we will research and study processes and trends in Israel and around the world, and how they can be integrated into decision making.


Cities and Complexity

Led by Prof. Juval Portugali

"Complexity" is a general term for a group of theories about open systems, characterized by self-organization. The 21st century is also the "Age of the City" - for the first time in human history, more than half of the world's population lives in urban settlements. Understanding urban dynamics is therefore the key to dealing with the problems of human society in the 21st century. 

The 'Cities and Complexity' research group will focus on understanding the city as a complex system and the implications of this understanding, in the areas of urban planning and design, and in the social, cultural, economic and political contexts of society as a whole.

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