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Development Opportunities

Development Programs

The Archimedes Center offers development programs designed for a diverse target audience and in various fields of knowledge. The development programs are held independently or jointly with the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA). The building of knowledge and skills for applied systems analysis in the sustainability fields prominent at the Archimedes Center is at the core of the development programs offered. The purpose of the development programs is to cultivate a generation of researchers with knowledge of IIASA's applied systems analysis methods and models, spreading its method and tools, and imparting relevant knowledge to industry representative and decision makers.


Calls for Proposals

Calls for proposals, papers and participation are published on the Archimedes Center website, on behalf of the center and its partners: research institutions in Israel and abroad. The calls for proposals focus on the center's fields of interest and specialization and offer a variety of candidacy submission possibilities for projects, academic programs, grants, and more. 


Capacity Development

The close collaboration between the Archimedes Center and the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) is also expressed in joint programs for capacity development in the areas of applied systems analysis and over diverse fields. From joint post-doc programs to dedicated courses, the capacity development opportunities provide tools and frameworks for the professional development of researchers in their fields.


Open Positions

The Archimedes Center frequently published a variety of open positions on its behalf and on behalf of its academic partners in Israel and abroad. Most often, the jobs are related to the core research areas at the Archimedes Center. However, open positions in related fields may also appear. We invite you to browse the open positions offered on the Archimedes Center website and examine new career opportunities.

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